April 30, 2010

"How long are you going to do this for?"

Does anyone find it ironic that people (like me) spend their time and energy trying to get back to whole foods, cooking at home, farming, and eating local and organic when that’s what so much human energy has been put into avoiding throughout history? It seems now like more of a burden than a blessing when being liberated from producing food has forced us to put our energy into fixing the environmental, political, and social consequences of that change.

I’ve had fun lately learning where food comes from, why our food system works the way it does, eating whole foods, and cooking at my house. However, this is a luxury I choose to pursue at this time. It’s fun because it’s not forced upon me daily to survive. I’m spending more money now than ever on food and using hours of my free time making things that I could buy in five minutes at the store. Consequently, I feel a lot more of a connection with food than I ever have before.

The other day I was asked: “well, how long are you going to do this anyway?” and I replied: “for the rest of my life”. Why would anyone ever want to buy granola when it’s so fun and easy to make? Why would I eat processed food when I can have fresh? This is not a weight loss diet - there is no finish point. My end result is feeding my body well and inviting others around me to do the same – that’s all!


  1. Ginger I do not think your energy is being wasted going back to whole foods like our ancestors. Eventually it will become a pleasure and you will wish you had been doing it all along. We may have modern appliances, access groceries easier,and have plenty of quick processed meals readily available but the cost is a price to high to pay. Good luck on your endeavors and I give you praise for being faithful to your whole food commitment. You go girl!!!!!

  2. It is totally worth it to get back into making your own food! The time you "save" by buying processed, packaged food is greatly outweighed by:

    A: The amount of packaging. Every loaf of bread in the store comes with its own plastic bag. Can't think of anything more wasteful than these individually packaged foods. Besides, for the most part, when food is wrapped in plastic, the manufacturer expects it to stay good for a long time. One way to help the food match the shelf life of a plastic bag is to pump the food full of toxins. Errr, "preservatives."

    B: Quality of food. There is no possible way that a factory-made product can compare to an individual food item. Your foods are made with love. Their foods are made with cutting corners.

  3. wow - those are really, really good points that i havn't even mentioned - thanks garth, for reminding us of the many reasons that whole foods are superior!

  4. http://unabellaanima.blogspot.com/

    There is my link love...:)

    The packaging is terrible and the product inside the package in most cases. We are a society that has lost it's way when it comes to what is good for our environment, body and soul. I use those little velcro cloth sandwich wrappers that you wash and re-use for my lunches. They even have recycle symbols and earth symbols on them and my co workers make fun of me all the time..lol I call them sandwich snuggies!!!!! Good for you my lady! You inspire us!

  5. I want the recipe for that granola! It looks amazing! :)

  6. What a beautiful posting. I agree with you that it is amazing that human society has spent a better part of the last century trying to make food cheap and affordable. Now, because of the phenomenon was successful and so much of our food has a decreased nutritional value, many of us our choosing to spend more money on food, cooking and moving back toward food the way nature intended it. I believe it is a life time journey, and I am so thankful to be a part of this revival with whole food.