April 20, 2010

Making allowances..one bite at a time

The offending event: Dinner last night with Trevor (undisclosed location)

Me: large romaine salad with lemon and salmon
Trevor: salmon with mashed potatoes, creamy white sauce and veggies
accompanied by gingerale (I did not have a sip) AND
flour-less chocolate cake with strawberries and whipped cream.

The gingerale I can deny, though I love it. Crisp, tangy with an underlying sweetness –the carbonation is like tiny explosions in your throat. But, soda is not a whole food, so I passed. I think have conquered eating out while consuming whole foods - at first it seemed daunting, but if you get in the habit of it, you realize - restaurants are full of whole foods! You just have to know where to look. The chocolate cake….here’s where it gets so much harder. Should I have to go the rest of my life not having a bite of dessert at a restaurant? Does anyone out there realize my
true addiction to chocolate cake and delicacies of that nature? I’m doing a self-proclaimed “great job” at eating whole foods. I’ll admit that I’ve had to make some allowances: dairy in general (though I’ve switched to organic, unsweetened yogurt), oils, bread if I know who has made it, and some products I bake myself but that have sugar in them. I am happy with the change and don't plan on going back to processed. It was too much, however, looking at that magnificent chocolate cake – more brownie really – drizzled with real strawberries and their delectable rose-colored juice…a dollop of fluffy whipped-cream sitting shyly on the corner. I had a bite – it was sweet and gooey. I dipped it in strawberry sauce. But honestly, we shared and left a few bites behind.

Lesson learned: its ok to split a piece of a chocolate cake smothered in fresh strawberries.


  1. That is so hard love! You are clearly being thoughtful in your choices and choosing what means the most to you to taste on occasion. Life is short and you are inspiring so mission accomplished on that goal!!! I was vegetarian for 3 years and recently went back to meat but only a little here and there. I'm thinking about switching back. Anyway you are doing great keep it up!
    -Kymberly Nash

  2. The thing is, that some processed foods are not all that bad for you. Take for instance, cookies, ha ha. But really, depending what you put in them, it could give you a boost of energy and help your metabolism. Try cookies with organic sugar, flax seed meal, oat flour, and oats. Total boost. throw in some peanut butter and dark chocolate pieces and its perfect. I have decided that being a healthy eater is probably the most important thing one can do. Hello, everything we put in our body is under our control, not like the toxins we meet daily floating around in our environment. I want to follow the slow food movement. I want to be interested in the food I eat, where did it come from, who made it and most importantly what is in it. Food should be enjoyed, not rushed. Start visiting your local farmers market, when you aren't working.
    ps. I can teach you how to bake bread anytime!

  3. wow - i totally agree with both of you! i think its really interesting how our relationship with food changes over a lifetime of eating. i am going to go to a farmer's market AND make bread - you inspire me!