November 17, 2010


While driving this morning, I heard an ad on the radio (should I say which store it was?) about a Thanksgiving sale:

frozen turkey for .29 a pound, asparagus, frozen Marie Callender pies, and a great deal on coke! I have a few comments about this potential Thanksgiving dinner:

Turkey: there are so many wonderful places to get fresh, organically grown, non-antibiotic treated turkeys. Right in our neighborhood, we have 2 butcher shops who can tell you where the birds came from, how they were treated, and guarantee their freshness. We will pay a more than .29 cents a pound for our turkey, but I will feel confident that I have all the knowledge I need about where our meat came from when we sit down to dinner next week.

Asparagus: I’m not sure where the asparagus is coming from, but do you remember the height of asparagus season last spring? Asparagus season is April to June and now it’s November…

Frozen Marie Callender Pies: Nothing against Marie, but its Thanksgiving! What better time to get together with family to try a new recipe (or an old classic). Give making your own crust a whirl, bake a fresh pumpkin in the oven and embrace the harvest. You don’t need to buy a frozen pie – believe me. Focus on the journey, not the destination.

Nutrition Facts: Marie Callenders Frozen Pumpkin Pie
Serving Size slice, 1/5 pie

Amount Per Serving
Calories 614
Calories from Fat 252
Total Fat 28.0g 43%
Sodium 465mg 19%
Total Carbohydrates 80.0g 27%
Protein 12.0g

* Based on a 2000 calorie diet

Coke: Really? Coke on Thanksgiving?

I’m remembering last week, when my family and I sat down to plan out the most nutritious, seasonal, traditional meal possible. On our menu: a fresh, organically grown turkey, oyster stuffing, a big green salad with candied pecans and pomegranate seeds, roasted Brussels sprouts, sweet potato, home-made cranberry sauce, fresh pumpkin pie, and red wine my Dad is picking out to accompany the menu.

What a wonderful time of year to celebrate the family and spiritual connectivity to food. Reflect on the memories you have growing up of Thanksgiving and choose the most wholesome, nourishing food you have access to in a celebration of food and harvest.


  1. Mmmm. Agreed. We are having indian themed turkey day. Curried turkey mmmm and you know its gonna be extra organic

  2. I wish my family would eat those wonderful foods your family has planned out! If they even think a dish I bring is organic, they won't eat it. Can I come eat with you? :)

  3. I have such great Thanksgiving memories and none of them involve Coke!! (Though one random year we did do Chinese takeout :)

  4. Ginger,
    I love what you say about focusing on the journey, not the destination. Cooking brings families together. Throwing a frozen pie in the oven is seriously not going to cut it! Happy Thanksgiving!