February 11, 2011

Valentine's Day is all about the Food

Valentine’s Day is a holiday designed by greeting card companies to make money and guilt people into romantic obligations.” Have you ever spouted this off, frustrated, or heard a disgruntled anti-Valentine grumbling these types of remarks?

I love Valentine’s Day. It started in elementary school when I looked forward to decorating pink heart “mailboxes” in class and painstakingly hand-wrote notes in Barbie Valentines bought from the grocery store for every classmate.

On Valentine’s Day, the whole class would marvel at all our love letters, count them, and read them over and over (or was that just me?). We got to eat soft white sugar cookies with thick pink frosting and sprinkles. And I always wore a pre-planned pink, red, and purple outfit.

In 9th grade, my “boyfriend” surprised me with a giant, white teddy bear and everyone was jealous.

My Mom makes me a Valentines package including candy and socks with hearts on them every year – still.

My husband and I never fail to celebrate Valentine’s and look forward to a special dinner together on that evening. One thing that holds importance to us on this holiday is the food aspect. Dinner reservations across the country are booked weeks in advance as people remember the restaurants they’ve wanted to go to, but have been saving for a special occasion. Couples dress up, share wine and splurge on dinner and time together. Others use the opportunity to create a special meal at home, hoping to avoid the crowds. They research menus, buy quality ingredients, and lovingly construct an experience to enjoy together.

I look at Valentine’s Day as a time to indulge in delicious food (chocolate) and to spend time with the people you love. Instead of hating on February 14th, why not choose to embrace it, share a great meal, and celebrate life and love?


  1. Totally agree. Valentine's Day dinners are the best! We're headed to a new Italian spot in our neighborhood that we've been dying to try! xoxo

  2. I'm curious what your favorite dinner destinations are.

  3. Already splurged on a bottle of organic cherry wine for my sweetheart and myself. Was a V-Day lover as a kid, hater as a young-adult, and I'm a lover again-hopefully for good! :)

  4. We're headed to Barrio on Capitol Hill tonight, but also considered Capitol Grille on 4th Ave this year. Favorite all-time is Boat-Street Cafe in Queen Anne, but I always suggest Seraphina in Eastlake as well. Other best bets include Le Gourmand in Ballard and Barking Frog in Woodinville.