June 14, 2011

I have big news for you: I'm relocating from Seattle to Chicago in August!

The reason, besides being ready for adventure, is that I got placed in a dietetic internship at the Edward Hines Jr. VA in Hines, IL. It’s about 13 miles west of downtown Chicago.

Once you have achieved a bachelors or masters of science in nutrition, you are eligible to apply to an incredibly competitive process where you apply to internship programs across the country. Most are about 9 months to a year, and most you pay anywhere from $2000 to $40000 to attend. The internship process includes an online format where you enter every volunteer, work, leadership, and academic experience you've ever had. Further, you upload your resume, 3 letters of recommendation, and a 1,000 word essay that you have the option of altering for each place you apply to. Because of the competitive nature of the process, most directors recommend a student apply to 5-10 internships.

Once you submit your applications, you interview (mostly over the phone!), and then you wait for "match day". On Match Day, you open your computer and, thanks to some insane computer algorithm, your highest choice ranking will match with whichever school ranked you highest on their list. Surprise! I'm going to Chicago.

The reason we all go through this is because in order to be a certified "Registered Dietitian" or RD, you must first complete a degree, then an internship, then a test. After my internship next year, I will take this test and then I'll be a real pro.

If you know me at all, you know that I LOVE Seattle and will be sad to leave it. I’ve lived in the city for ten years and been very active in the community. One of my passions includes frequenting the many independent restaurants all over the city. I have my favorites and I thought before I would go, I would challenge myself to an “Ultimate Top 20 Seattle Restaurant Review”. These top 20 of mine will range from the hole-in-the-wall cafĂ© to my favorite pizza, date night pick to birthday splurge.

Please join me over the next couple weeks while I lay out the restaurants I frequent so you can enjoy them even after I’m gone off to discover the gastric delights Chicago has to offer.

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  1. woo hoooo!!!!!! you'll love it!!! and you can always call me for any tips or good restaurant recommendations! : )