June 28, 2011

Restaurant Review #5 (pizza!)

Please don’t ever ask me to choose just one of my favorite pizza joints; I have so many! I had to share my #5 pick betweeen four places. Under this topic it might make sense to answer a nutrition question I just received: “is gluten bad or good?” There is a lot of confusion right now about "gluten free" because so many people are choosing this lifestyle, but is it necessary and is it healthful? We are a gluten free household due to my husband’s sensitivity to it, so I definitely understand that some people have conditions that cannot tolerate gluten (Celiac, Chron’s, UC) or have sensitivities, allergies, or just feel better without consuming this wheat protein. Personally, I eat gluten (pizza dough!). I have no problem with it and I don’t like to label it as “bad” or “good”. On the other side, I don’t miss gluten (wheat or flour products) if I don’t have it! We got rid of our toaster and personally, I don’t enjoy products that mimic foods that have gluten in them ie. gluten-free bagels, bread, or baked goods. We instead choose starches like quinoa, oats, corn, rice, and potato and are very happy when cooking at home. All that being said, you know I love pizza - gluten and all - so here is my list of all-time favorites in Seattle.

5. Pagliacci Pizza Queen Anne or University District
550 Queen Anne Avenue North
(206) 726-1717

4529 University Way Northeast

What can I say? I go here ALL the time. I order a slice (of whatever looks funky that day – sometimes they have very original recipes), and a small ceasar with light dressing. They have happy hour in the afternoon where you can get a soda for free if you get a slice and salad and the best part is that they are open until 11 pm so you can stop by on your way out or on your way home and get in line with the rest of the city. Also, I would really like to mention that the service is excellent here. Each person that works is very kind and helpful in my experience. I got a free slice in the U District once because the line server recognized me as the sister of famous Seattle air-guitarist, Garth Donald of Airpocalypse. It doesn’t get much better than that!

5 1/2. Via Tribunali (Queen Anne or Capitol Hill)
317 West Galer
Seattle, WA 98119

E Pike Street
Seattle, WA 98122

Makes me feel like I’m in Rome! This is the most authentic Italian pizza around in my opinion. I LOVE the space in Queen Anne; be sure to sit upstairs because it’s kind of like an old house and very cozy. You will be sitting in close capacity to other diners, but the food is excellent. It might be a bit on the expensive side, but worth it if you’re in the need for excellent pizza and I did just notice that they have a late night happy hour which I need to check out. The Capitol Hill location has a huge table in the back that is very fun for a big party.

5 3/4. A-Pizza Mart
5026 University Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105
(206) 517-4000

This establishment was responsible for at least 5 of my undergrad “freshman 15” (before I committed my life to natural health and responsible adult-hood). However, we still go on occasion. 2 recent incidences: The first was Halloween night of this year. We were the only ones not dressed up and just needed a quick slice. It’s been re-done since I was at the University of Washington; for the better! They have a nice big bar, great service, and play fantastic music. I would say it’s less of a college bar and more of a 30 something hangout for hipsters and people who love pizza. The second was post-Thai Toms dinner and we ended up staying for hours partially because they were playing 2001 Dr. Dre and partly because the bartender had a T-shirt that had side-by-side pictures of John Wayne and ‘Lil Wayne.

Runners Up: Extreme Pizza (Issaquah), Belltown pizza (1st Ave), Snooze Junction

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