January 16, 2012

What's "In" and "Out" for Food in 2012

Food NavigatorUSA predicts a focus on general health and well-being, food quality and minimal processing in 2012.  Here’s their list of what is trending in and out this year and, of course, my opinion on it all.  


Margarine   Margarine is gross; why not just eat a little butter?
Processed soy protein    Unprocessed soy products are superior in taste and for health.
Low Sodium  Sodium is hard to come-by in unprocessed/whole foods.
Fat free  A concept that has been going “out” for the past 10 years.
Artificial sweeteners   Avoid at all costs;  they taste terrible and have questionable health effects. 
Chicken breast/white meat   At least invest in poultry grown and processed in a humane way.
Superfruits from afar  Any fruit can be “super”, especially local, organic ones.
Egg whites  Lacking all the vitamins, minerals and taste – why bother?
Processed factory cheese  Even sounds terrible.
Activities trumping meal time  Enjoying a meal together is the best activity of all.
The 'other white meat'  I believe meat consumption will continue to decline in general.
Excessive supplements  Don’t exist in nature – why would this ever be good for you?
Elimination diets (carbs, sugar, etc)  A waste of time unless you have a real medical condition      
Treadmills   I wonder why?  Too boring perhaps?  Maybe running barefoot outside is taking over.
Ultra Lite Beer   Was only “in” for a couple of years anyway, if at all.
Baked potato chips   Potato chips in general are unimaginative and unnecessary.
Drinking wheat grass shots  So ‘90’s.
Canola Oil   Avocado, walnut, and grape-seed oils have higher smoke points and interesting flavors.
Agave  Totally processed and high in fructose content; went “out” before it was even “in”…..
Brown Rice  But I love you!!
‘Naturally raised’ meat  Doesn’t actually have a meaning.  What is “naturally raised?”
Probiotic enhanced yogurt  Think Jamie Lee Curtis and her “Activia” - sound too good to be true?  Then likely it is….. 


Real butter Has been in since people started churning it back in the day.
Grass-fed meat  Good for the animal, environment, and for the consumer.
Sea salt   For once and for all – has the same sodium content as any other type of salt.
Healthy fats  The name says it all.
Stevia   Full of controversy – I am not a convert to this product yet and currently avoid it.
Chicken thigh/dark meat  Again, please choose meat that has been grown and processed in a sustainable and humane way.  
Local, seasonal fruit  An apple a day…..apples are #1 on the “dirtydozen”.  Invest in organic.
Whole eggs, cage free  Delicious!  Worth the extra cash.
Farmstead cheese  So much more interesting in appearance, flavor, and aroma.
The family dinner Can we expand this to family, friends, or other meaningful dining companions in general?
Heirloom marbled pork  No comment on this one. 
Fresh produce  From a farmer’s market or your own vegetable garden.
Portion control   vs. “diet”
Dance/Zumba  If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend it.  A fun workout is always in.
Craft Beer  I would rather drink wine.
Kettle potato chips  Delicious, but again – why bother with chips anyway?
Eating dark leafy greens  One of my most favorite “in’s” on the list.
Coconut oil  Full of medium-chain fatty acids PLUS you can put it on your skin and in your hair.
Palm sugar  No opinion on palm sugar at this time. 
Farro  I love experimenting with different types of grains – nutty and delicious. 
Cheaper, tasty butch cuts  Get creative!  Know your butcher.
Kefir    A tasty alternative to yogurt. 


  1. Why would brown rice be out? I thought it was supposed to be super good for you! Trader Joes has great prices on organic apples. Really trying to "eat clean" - makes for optimum nutrition! Great advice on what is "in" and "out". I might try a Zumba class at the gym :)

  2. Leafy greens are full of folate that does wonders for people. Have you heard that kale is the new beef?