June 23, 2012

Hebron Kebabs - falafel and a dirty mouth

Last week, I met up with friends for drinks at the brand new GEB (Graham Elliot Bistro) on Randolf street in West Town.  The service was enthusiastic and though we didn’t get to enjoy any of their food (menus taped on old records – cute!), we had some pitchers of their delicious vodka punch which we highly recommend.  The back patio is lovely for summertime and I do look forward to going back for dinner soon. 

However, the night became increasingly more interesting when we stumbled upon Hebron Kebabs a block down, in desperate need of some dinner after happy hour.   It seemed normal enough and we got sat on the back patio decorated with Christmas lights….then we met Rami the Jordanian owner.  He came up to us, introduced himself, informed us that he would not give us menus but knows what we want just by looking at us.  Before leaving abruptly, he also informed us that he "swears a fu**ing lot".  Fantastic! 

I glanced quickly at the YELP reviews from my phone to see what others thought of this strange place.  Reviews are overwhelmingly good, with a couple very bad ones where people apparently did want to see menus, know how much they were spending, and/or didn’t like being sworn at.  Oh well!  We loved it.  Warning:  DO NOT go if you are uptight.  However, if you’re up for it, this is a very fun experience where you can banter and experience a different type of service that is strangely refreshing. 

Unfortunately, we did not “BYOB” but the atmosphere is so amiable that the table of out-of-town businessmen next to us shared some Stellas they had brought in exchange for information on a fun bar to visit after dinner.  Rami swore at them lovingly up and down for this:  “You **** ****!  What do you think you’re doing?  Stop bothering my customers.  You love my food?  You love it – I know you love it because it’s the best.”  

 The patio was lovely, full of families and groups of friends enjoying the summer weather.  We were also very pleased with the food.   Rami brought us a vegetarian combo and a meat combo with lots of fresh pita.  I had stuffed grape leaves, hummus, falafel, saffron rice – the usual, but delicious, beautifully presented and fresh.  He also talked us into having “special drinks from around the world” which included some interesting tasting Turkish soda pops (in my picture!).  We ended up staying until close and chatting with Rami about his family and his travels.  The bill was about $26 which was fine by us.  This was a unique experience, but a good one.  I would recommend going if you want some good Middle-Eastern food and a lighthearted, entertaining meal.  And as far as Rami….he’s a real **** ******, but he’s a good guy. 


  1. Sounds like a place we should definitely check out!

  2. What fun! I would love to open a creperie like that someday where I can tell just by looking at customers what they want in their crepes.

    Did you ever visit Pasta Freska (South Lake Union) before you left Seattle? You tell the chef if you have any allergies or dislikes and then after that he creates an amazing six course meal with a coupling wine for each course. Fantastic! (No swearing though).