June 15, 2013

Chicago Restaurant Reviews: Pizza!

When I did my top Seattle restaurant reviews before I moved in 2011, I felt confident that I could give a proper overview that most other locals would agree with.  This is not the case for Chicago, despite my best efforts in going out to eat WAY too much.  First, I’ve only been in Chicago two years and I was in Seattle for 10.  Second, I was in the restaurant industry in Seattle and now I work in a medical clinic in Chicago.  Third, Seattle is a fraction of the size of Chicago.  There are neighborhoods I’ve never even been to yet and restaurants undiscovered.  

This review of restaurants in Chicago is not written as one who claims to be an expert, but instead as a person who loves food and is just discovering all this wild city has to offer.   Keep in mind I’m 95% veggie so these reviews are slanted towards my personal dietary preferences.  I’ve reviewed restaurants here that I go to again and again and are all part of the reason that I love living in Chicago so very much.  If you don’t see one of your favorites, then maybe I haven’t been…..or maybe I went and didn’t like it   ;) 

I'll start with the obvious:  pizza.  Many more reviews to come this month!  Stay tuned.....

2207 N. Clybourn Ave   

When people ask me what I like best about living in Chicago, I usually answer:  Pequods pizza.  FYI, what I like least about living in Chicago is the traffic but Cest’ la vie.  I am deep dish obsessed and while LouMalnati’s is a second runner up, Pequods is my favorite.  It’s the crust with caramelized cheese around the edge, bubbling over the black pan….we always get spinach and mushroom and sometimes sausage which I pick off but others seem to love.  The owner is almost always at the front desk and his staff of young, blonde girls is almost always helpful and polite.  They are incredibly busy and you will generally wait 45-60 minutes any night of the week.  This is a big Blackhawk’s restaurant which is fun during the season. 

Tip:  you can put in your order ahead of time so you don’t have to wait so long for the pizza to arrive once you’re sat.  Their bar is too busy to wait in, so you can pop next door to the ever-revolving new bar with your buzzer.  As much as I love Pequods, I have had several bad experiences while sitting upstairs.  The best tables are the round ones up in front on the first floor by the windows but then again, you often don’t have much of a choice.  Don’t waste your time with thin crust….deep dish is where it’s at here.  Good flat screens for sports as well – so very Chicago!

Pizza Serio  (1708 W. Belmont Ave) is where we go for thin crust.  It is on Belmont/Paulina and is also family-owned.  This is a better place for bigger parties but also gets quite crowded on the weekends.  Make a reservation just in case.  Their basic pizzas are delicious;  I suggest Margarita or Spinach pizza.  Local beers on tap, a good salad selection, and you don’t need dessert because Scooter’s custard is right next door.

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