July 8, 2013

Chicago Restaurant Reviews: Brunch!

When I did my top Seattle restaurant reviews before I moved, I felt confident that I could give a proper overview that most other locals would agree with.  This is not the case for Chicago, despite my best efforts in going out to eat WAY too much.  There are neighborhoods I’ve never even been to yet and restaurants undiscovered. Chicago is all about the neighborhoods and sometimes it gets hard to reach out to new places away from work or home that you might want to explore once you have your favorites. 

One of the great benefits of living in Chicago is the amazing brunch.  This is not an exhaustive list and of course there are some great places (Bongo Room, Wishbone, Hot Chocolate, Marmelade, Over Easy)  but here are a couple of our favorites we go to the most:

2523 N Clark St, Chicago
I just (today) found out it is actually called “CafĂ© Vienna” as we’ve always referred to it as the Austrian Bakery.  A Germany friend introduced me to it and that was a good day in my life.  Stay and have some brunch – they have a surprisingly large menu!  As amazing as the truly decadent items look, I usually order a croissant sandwich or omelet.  No one will judge you if you get a cinnamon roll to share because everyone in the restaurant has them.  Their coffee is really good, too.  One day I was waiting a long time for a friend and the server brought over an assortment of delicate cookies to keep me occupied.  The service is generally very good.  Be sure to pick up a loaf of fresh bread on your way home.
Tip:  closed Mondays and you have to access the restroom by walking through the kitchen and pass the bread ovens lol.
Bakin’ and  Eggs 
3012 N. Lincoln
This one starts with a Tip:  do not bother if you don’t get there upon opening or soon thereafter (8 am).  This place has a line out the door ALL day, is a little loud and full of screaming children.  If you’re not too hungry, you can stop by and check in, then go for a walk for an hour or two.  They have inventive specials every weekend (Mediterranean scramble with goat cheese - yum!).  But the food is really great!  And they serve Intelligentsia coffee that flows freely while you wait for a table.  And the baked goods are fantastic as well; the case is tempting while you wait.  We do go here often, but not if we wake up late. 

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