December 30, 2013

Welcome 2014! Goals that will make this year count......

A resolution is actually just behavior change:  “firmness of mind or purpose”

This time of year you’ll read a lot about resolutions, making 2014 the “best year ever”, etc.  I think it is great!  What a wonderful time of year to bring the focus back to yourself and the positive changes you want to make in the future.  Resolutions and New Year’s promises get a bad rap because they are so easily pushed aside as life moves forward in the bustling manner it always does.  This doesn’t mean you cannot achieve what you want to.  Studies show that though 80% of resolutions fail by Valentine’s Day, those who are able to stick to their changes for three months have a higher change of permanent change.  Physically writing down goals has proven to increase compliance as well.  

You may have heard of SMART goals before (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timely), which are relevant because vague goals set us up for failure and discouragement.  Choosing a specific, realistic and achievable goal that you will be able to measure when accomplished in a timely fashion is your best bet for success.  Bigger goals can be broken into smaller ones in this way.  See examples below:

1. Specific
   “get in shape” vs. “run a half marathon”

2. Measurable
   “get in shape” vs. “lose 10 pounds”

3. Achievable
   “get in shape” vs. “join my local gym”

4.  Realistic
 “get in shape” vs. “work out three days this week”

5.  Timely
     “get in shape” vs. “fill out my food journal every week this month”. 

I did this exercise with a group of clients last year (see below) and was pleasantly surprised how much they enjoyed the activity.   Try it yourself and increase the chances that you will stick to the goals you set now during this lovely, exciting, refreshing time of year.  
 Happy 2014 all!  

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