February 18, 2015

How Was Your Valentine's Day?

How lucky to have a Valentine's Day on a Saturday this year!  Despite the continuing snow storms and frigid temps in Chicago, we had a lovely time full of time spent together, traditional celebration (red roses!) and some non-traditional ideas, too that worked out fantastically. If you read my blog, you know that I love Valentine's Day - I've loved it since I was in elementary school and we got to spend hours making heart envelopes to collect little grocery store pack Valentine's. (Looking back, I question the actual time spent on making Valentine's packets vs. learning how to read or do math, but hey - it was the 80's) You had to be careful which ones you gave to who - "You're Sweet" was best for a friend and "Happy Valentine's Day" best for anyone who could be interpreted as someone you 'liked'. Aside from that strategy, the most difficult part was picking out which package you wanted from the local grocery store: My Little Pony vs. Barbie cards? 

This Valentine's Day, I got red roses. I went to the gym and was the only girl to complete a full set of 20 inch box jumps in Tabata. We went out to dinner at a Pho place on Argyle and shared a delicious omelet and  soup with friends. And contrary to popular Midwest belief, Pho is pronounced "Fuh" - so says Huffington Post. Just for the record. Drinking California wines at BYOB and laughing with friends is the perfect way to share a Valentine's Day for me.Whether you celebrate Singles Awareness Day, Valentine's Day, or are simply getting excited that Spring is coming, I love that this weekend is all about spending time with friends or other people you care about whether you go out or eat in.
Sunday I went out with my dinner club, Unsettled, to Girl and the Goat in Chicago. They have their menu conveniently split into three sections: veg, fish and meat. While I don't participate in goat dishes or pig face, they have the BEST green beans, chickpea fritters, broccoli, cauliflower....when you go, be sure to order several of their infamous veg dishes.
What did you do Valentine's Day weekend that warmed your heart in one way or another?  How will you be spending the rest of your four weeks of winter?  Thanks Punxsutawney Phil ;)

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