May 28, 2010

Field Trip to the Farmers Market

I know this seems crazy to some of you out there, but I don’t go to the Farmers Market. I work all weekend, every weekend and I have for the past ten years. I am always so jealous of everyone who goes to these mystical markets every weekend and shop for foods I’ve never even heard of before. Anyway, I got inspired the other day when Skagit River Ranch came to our Whole Foods Production Class at Bastyr University and talked about how they run their organic farm. They treat their animals with respect and kindness and they take so much pride in the produce and the way they run their farm; from soil to cattle. When they announced their participation at local Farmers Markets, I knew I had to go. Fortunately, they attend the Bellevue Farmers Market on Thursdays, so four of us students made the trek during a break from class yesterday. It was a blast and I truly recommend anyone who has never been to look up a local Farmers Market in their area and take a little day trip. Once we arrived, our main objective was to go to the Skagit River Ranch stand and get some fresh eggs. Their chickens are pasture raised and eat grass and worms all day, so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them. I’m sorry to say that I’ve never before in my life had access to a fresh farm egg. Apparently, the eggs sell out within minutes, so we were among the first to get there and I bought two dozen large brown eggs at $6 a pack. They were also grilling their famous grass-fed beef. Heather and I tried our first bite of beef in YEARS! Here is a picture of us with farm owner Eiko Vojkovich:

As a former vegetarian and someone who avidly avoids pork and beef products, I have to say that I have recently started to change my opinion about meat in general as I learn more about the options available. I do believe that eating meat can be an important part of nutrients for humans, but I just can’t stand the way animals are treated and slaughtered inhumanely. The way many producers raise their animals in the US is not right, not fair, and not healthy. However, if you have access to meat that has been raised with respect and health, slaughtered humanely, and treated well – it is worth considering consuming this type of food in my opinion.

I’ll get off my soap box now and quickly mention a couple other things I bought: a chocolate roll from Preston Hill Bakery out of Issaquah who sells only at the market – DELICIOUS toasted with a little bit of butter. Also, I bought a variety of potatoes grown organically because apparently, potatoes are sprayed with chemicals and pesticides that you seriously don’t want anything to do with consuming. I would have bought more items, but I ran out of cash! Whoops…next time. I’ll be going again soon.

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  1. I've been a vegetarian for 20 years now, but honestly I wouldn't be if I had been raised in another country. My main reason is that I don't want my money going to support the meat industry in America. The entire system is a nightmare-from the treatment of animals, to the hormones injected and passed on to humans, and the horrid conditions for the factory workers-I want no part of it! It's been too long for me to change my mind now, but if I was gonna go back in time, I think I would include meat once in a while as long as it was organic and free range. That option wasn't available when I made the switch so vegetarian I shall remain :)