December 21, 2010

Best Pho in Seattle

The other day, I had a conversation with several fellow students who had all, independently, discovered the "best Pho in Seattle". Amazingly, there was no argument: we ALL agreed on the same place – Pho Viet Anh in Queen Anne.

First of all, the place is elaborately decorated and beautiful. They feature huge, sparkling pictures of plants, birds, and scenery on the walls and the whole place is colored red and orange. It’s completely inviting. The servers are gracious while professional and service is quick yet subtle.

However, no one chooses their favorite Pho restaurant on looks. Personally, I judge them on broth and soup content. I eat “small veggie” only, so I am particular about the flavor. What sets this restaurant apart is the spices in their broth: ginger, cloves, star anise and cinnamon. When you are enjoying the soup, the spices blend together so you could never put your finger on the exact combination. It is very light and truly delicious. Further, the veggie Pho is packed full of vegetables (carrots, broccoli, mushrooms, snap peas) which are cooked to perfection.

I have also tried the curry in the past which is a little unexpected in a Pho restaurant, but worth ordering at Viet Anh. However, the best place to start is with a fresh roll, either with prawns or tofu, which is like a salad in rice paper. It is a nice way to begin, won’t fill you up completely, and is packed full of flavor.

Next time you’re in Queen Anne or want to experience the best Pho in Seattle, head down to 372 Roy Street to one of my all-time favorites. Make sure to call me on your way so I can come down and meet you!!

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  1. They never put enough veggies in pho! I gotta check this place out, I'm tired of it just being green onions and gross burnt white onions.