January 12, 2011

"Breast-feed: it helps you lose weight"

#1. Breast-feed. It helps you lose weight!

As I was reading a magazine at the gym today, I couldn't help but notice the number one advice to pregnant Mariah Carey from Wendy Williams. Who is Wendy Williams? I had no idea, so I went to her web-site . She is a talk-show host and some expert on Hollywood lives. Not that I take anything these magazines say seriously, but as I read this short article titled: "My Baby Advice for Mariah", I was disappointed that a woman like this who has influence chose to give this type of advice to expectant mothers.

#2. Get a Mommy Make-over. That means a tummy tuck, breast work and liposuction. You know a good plastic surgeon, Mariah!

Get real! Losing weight may be an added benefit, but there are so many more wonderful aspects of breastfeeding to focus on. Consider that your breast milk changes throughout your child’s first years to meet their individual needs. Consider that your milk has the perfect, digestible balance to fuel your child’s growth. Consider that breast feeding is economical and allows time for bonding. Instead of urging new mothers to lose weight via breast-feeding or seek plastic surgery after giving birth, how about supporting them and encouraging them to breast-feed for their health and well-being?


  1. I think we have to change our perception of pregnancy and weight gain and post-partum perfection. Are we missing the point of it all? Does slimming down super fast mean you're a better mother? Moms have enough balls to juggle. Self-care is very important but vanity is a waste of precious energy.

  2. Because the #1 benefit of breastfeeding is losing weight... not strengthening the child's immune system, bonding, ... Bleh! I agree with you and Rebecca! I'm all for taking good care of yourself after the birth... maybe even treating yourself to a facial or massage, but cosmetic surgery! Sheesh!