August 13, 2011

Favorite Seattle International Cuisine

11. Tup Tim Thai
118 W Mercer St
Seattle, WA 98119
(206) 281-8833

Our favorite Thai food in all of Seattle, despite the many, many excellent choices available. Close runners up include Thai Toms in the U District and Jai Thai in Fremont, but Tup Tim beats them both on service and comfort and always wins our hearts as we have become close friends with Nat who works almost every day. He is a joker and if you ask where the bathroom is and he tells you to go outside and around the block, don’t listen to him (we’ve seen this happen!) The Pad Thai is a sure bet here, but think outside the box and order our favorites:

Fresh rolls
Order #28 (chicken with green beans in peanut sauce)
Side of brown rice
Curry (any kind is amazing!)

Tell them Ginger says Hi! And, don’t forget that they are closed on Sunday nights – we always try to go and get sad when we remember.

12.Viet Ahn
372 Roy St
Seattle, WA 98109

I’ve reviewd this Viet Anh on becomingginger before because it is the best Pho in Seattle! They use unique spices and their broth is not too salty. I always order a “small tofu and veggie Pho” and Trevor orders “medium spicy chicken”. I do recommend the small size, especially if you want to start with a veggie or shrimp fresh roll (which we always do). This is a small, family restaurant that we should support as a community. Be careful, however, because the parking in this neighborhood is very rough since it is right next to the Seattle Center and it’s really easy to get a ticket.

13.Snappy Dragon

8917 Roosevelt Way Northeast
Seattle, WA 98115
(206) 528-5575

Snappy is the only Chinese Food we’ll eat in Seattle (which is not known, by the way, for its Chinese food but Judy Fu helps change that). We’ve been going here for years, but always go with patience because they go on very long waits almost every night – for good reason. You must order the Curry Chow Fun. It is this delicious noodle dish loaded with veggies that has a nice, subtle curry flavor. The portions are HUGE, so you really only need to have 1 dish per 2 people. If you are part of a bigger party (they have these great big, round tables), you have to order the Jao Zhi which only come in order so 15. Judy Fu is in the back making them by hand and they are absolutely delicious and one of the many reasons we come here again and again. The final reason: the drinks! They have the best deal around on good wine and cocktails. I must recommend the “Woo-Woo” which I had a couple weeks ago – delicious!

14.Panos Kleftiko-Greek Taverna
815 5th Avenue North
Seattle, WA 98109-3907
(206) 301-0393

Nestled at the base of Taylor Ave in Queen Anne between Crow and the Great Nabob, you will be lucky if you can find this place open! The owner is almost always “Gone Fishing” or “In Greece”, but if you can get in, it is well worth the wait. The owner will greet you, tell you what to order, and then cook it for you. The food is fresh and dependably good. This place is fun on a date or in a big group and it definitely has an authentic feel that is hard to find.

2132 N Northgate Way
Seattle, WA 98133

Saffron is one of my favorites of all time in Seattle and we go there about once a month. We used to haunt Cedars in the U-district which goes on a 2 hour wait every night, so we got to be friends with the grumpy man who ran the wait list. The spinach naan was epic, so we would regularly wait for hours to get in just to have it. When the Berkshire Grill up in Northgate next to the Nexus Hotel finally changed over to Saffron a couple years ago, we figured we’d give it a try and when we walked in, there was the door man from Cedars! Mohammed actually owned Cedars and now is the owner of Saffron and greets us with a hug and kiss on the cheek when we walk in. He runs the place with an iron fist and keeps all servers and staff on their toes. I can tell that his high standards extend to the food and atmosphere and contribute to the high energy and success of this restaurant. Saffron is very busy, like Cedars, so try sitting in the bar during Happy Hour for the best deals and shortest wait. If you do nothing else, order the Spinach Naan. You also can't go wrong with any curry - we've worked our way through them all by now I belive!

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