August 5, 2011

Most Frequented (Review 9 and 10)

9. Café Ladro
600 Queen Anne Avenue North, Seattle
(206) 282-1549

There are many, many places to get coffee in Seattle, but this is my personal favorite. The one on lower Queen Anne is the best, followed by the one on top Queen Anne, the one in Fremont, and the one on the Waterfront. The rotating collection of colorful and imaginative local art on the walls will keep you entertained in line as you await a soy latte or chai tea (try ½ sweet, ½ spicy). Baristas sometimes appear to have just woken up, but once you get to know them, they will remember your order forever and can keep you updated on Seattle gossip daily.

10. Pesos
605 Queen Anne Avenue North
Seattle, WA 98109
(206) 283-9353

Dear Pesos, i have known you well for many years. You are among the most loved and simultaneously despised restaurants in Seattle, yet your controversy keeps you interesting. Your food is dependably good, your happy hour is amazing, the servers and bartenders will know you by name, and the atmosphere can't be beat...if you can get in and get a seat. There is a reason this place is busy from 9 am – 2 am seven days a week: the food is authentic, spicy and delivered quickly, the drinks are high quality and made by bartenders everyone in the city knows by name, the staff is good looking and hard-working, and they have so many regulars it’s like its own little community right at the base of Queen Anne hill. Let me tell you how to have an enjoyable time here: 1. Go before 10 am for breakfast, between 1 and 3 for lunch, and after 8 pm for dinner to avoid long waits. Do not go ever past midnight because you will likely be frustrated with the crowd and it can be difficult to get a drink or a place to stand. Pesos has a consistently loud, fast-paced environment, but is also beautiful, romantic and very fun so go with a polite and patient attitude and I'm sure you will be treated well.

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